Water Proofing Services


Ask for Price? We are offering HDPE sheet, HDPE plastic sheet and black HDPE sheet. These wide width HDPE film, HDPE liner, geomembrane and HDPE lining system save gallons of potable and irrigation water, helping to bring about a new second “Green Revolution”.
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2The management of solid waste is an area of concern for both the developed, as well as the developing countries. It is crucial for a landfill to be
resistant to the contaminated wastes that form leachates on them. Hence, good liners become indispensable for them. Polyethylene Geomembranes act as a perfect resistant to such hazards, and prevents interaction of landfill moisture with the soil. This prevents air pollution and groundwater pollution.


Municipal /Hazardous Solid Waste Landfills Facilities

3The management of solid waste is crucial for both the developed, as well as the developing countries. The use of landfill for waste management is still a predominant option worldwide. The municipal solid waste landfill facilities, dispose waste generated by the households, hospitals, hotels and other such places. They prevent the underground water table from being contaminated and reduce air pollution. Hence, they protect human health.


HDPE Plastic Sheet / HDPE Black Sheet

Ash Dyke Pond

The Boiler Ash is collected from the boiler’s hopper precipitator fly ash from the electrostatic precipitator hoppers. This is mixed with water to make a suspension, which is pumped to the ash pond. HDPE sheet like HDPE plastic sheet and black HDPE sheet provide perfect lining for the ash ponds. The geomembrane has a lower tendency to exchange ions with leachate constituents and maintains its integrity as a barrier over the time. This application is widely used in power plants, copper/zinc smelters etc.


  • Landfill for waste dumping and hazardous waste dumping, chemical waste, Fly ash, Soda ash, Thermal power plant, Hydro power plant, Waste liquid / radioactive waste liquid.
  • Hazardous waste management and handling rules –MOEF.
  • Disposal of Hazardous Municipal Waste in secured landfill guideline from the Ministry of Environment and Forest.
  • Masking of concrete structures at Port, Jetty, bridge, Ore processing plants, Lagoons Spill containment for Chemical and Petrochemical industries.